Bill Text For SB0523 - Enrolled



BILL NO. 523                          By:  Paxton, Bullard, Bergstrom, Jett, and Jech of the Senate




                                           Lepak and Roberts (Sean) of the House




An Act relating to elections; amending 26 O.S. 2021, Section 2-106, which relates to duties of the State Election Board; prohibiting certain entities from entering into certain legal agreements or settlements; prohibiting alteration or amendment of election procedures by certain officers; authorizing intervention in civil proceedings; and declaring an emergency.




SUBJECT:  Elections




SECTION 1.     AMENDATORY     26 O.S. 2021, Section 2-106, is amended to read as follows:


Section 2-106.  A.  The State Election Board shall perform such duties as may be prescribed by law.


B.  1.  No agency, board, or commission or other entity of state government, or officer of this state, or state employee, or a county election board, shall enter into a legal agreement, consent decree, or settlement of any kind which would alter or amend election procedures prescribed by the Legislature in statute.  Any such agreement, consent decree or settlement entered into in violation of this subsection shall be void and unenforceable.


2.  Neither the Governor nor any officer of the state nor any political subdivision of the state, nor any court created by the Oklahoma Constitution or by statute, shall amend or alter the election procedures prescribed by the Legislature in statute, except where specifically authorized by statute.


C.  Either chamber of the Legislature, acting by the Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives or the President Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma State Senate or both such persons jointly, may intervene in any action, suit, or proceeding that challenges or attempts to modify election procedures prescribed by statute.


SECTION 2.  It being immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health or safety, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, by reason whereof this act shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passage and approval.


Passed the Senate the 16th day of May, 2022.




                                     Presiding Officer of the Senate



Passed the House of Representatives the 27th day of April, 2022.




                                      Presiding Officer of the House

                                                  of Representatives



Received by the Office of the Governor this ____________________ day of ___________________, 20_______, at _______ o'clock _______ M.

By: _________________________________

Approved by the Governor of the State of Oklahoma this _________ day of ___________________, 20_______, at _______ o'clock _______ M.



                                    Governor of the State of Oklahoma




Received by the Office of the Secretary of State this __________ day of __________________, 20 _______, at _______ o'clock _______ M.

By: _________________________________

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